Field work

I have participated in fieldwork expeditions and experiments in the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Antarctic Ocean (x2), the Atlantic Ocean (x2), the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Being onboard of different research vessels (RV Hespérides, RV Akademik Treshnikov, RV García del Cid) and research stations (Gump Station, Moorea, French Polinesia).

Find an updated version of my CV here: cv_pablorodriguezros_english

Skills & Expertise

  • On board management and data processing of bio-optical instruments (pigments, organic matter, particles, etc) and high frequency environmental variables (solar radiation, fluorimetry, water temperature, etc).
  • Programming Languages: R (professional user), MatLab (competent user) & Python (beginner user).
  • Organic matter spectrometry.
  • Pigments fluorimetry.
  • Trace gases measurement. Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectometry.

Research Cruises and Expeditions

Moorea Expedition – BIOGAPS Project
  • Gump Station (USA)
  • Moorea Island, French Polinesia
  • 4 weeks.
  • April, 2018

Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE Project)

Leg 0: Bremerhaven (Germany) – Cape Town (South Africa)

  • 4 weeks.
  • November – December, 2016.

Leg 1: Cape Town (South Africa) – Tasmania (Australia).

  • 4 weeks.
  • December 2016 – January, 2017.


  • Southern Ocean: Weddell Sea, South Georgia Islands, Orkney Islands and Gerlache Strait.
  • 6 weeks.
  • January – February, 2015.

TransPEGASO Cruise

  • Cartagena (Spain) – Punta Arenas (Chile).
  • 4 Weeks.
  • October – November, 2014.